We represent clients in commercial litigation that generally involves issues of hardware or software technology. Some cases involve royalty disputes while others assert defects with the hardware. We work with technology experts to evaluate such claims or defenses. Sometimes the matter is only an accounting dispute, other times the issues is a design defect in an ASIC. We file lawsuits and defend against them in many of the Superior and Federal courts in California.

We work on cases from drafting complaints and answers, to filing pleading motions, seeking writs of attachment, injunctions, discovery, summary judgment motions, trials and appeals.

Following are a few examples of typical cases from our case files:

  • Represented sales representative in suit against semiconductor equipment manufacturer for failure to pay $300,000 in commissions. Issue was whether manufacturer could rely on technology impossibility defense.
  • Vendor sued client for nonpayment of goods. Client claimed vendor did not deliver goods timely because the design on a board was defective.
  • Client sued vendor under most favored customer clause seeking $11,000,000. Issue involved manufacture of liquid crystal displays and costs differential based on size of LCD.
  • Software company sued client over breach of joint development and marketing contract. The client files counter suit for failure to pay for licensed software.
  • Web design client sued customer for nonpayment, customer claims deliverable not to specifications.