While the core practice is licensing and litigation, clients always have general business issues such as commercial transactions, real estate, human resources and corporate law. We provide advice and litigation support on these types of issues. If there are areas that we are unable to provide assistance, we can locate attorneys that can. Because we understand the client needs and can work with attorneys, we can act as a liaison between the client and a specialist.

Our General Counsel services permit a client to have a company attorney without the need and expense to hire an attorney full time.


We advise clients on employment matters including:

  • Recruiter agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Performance issues
  • Termination
  • Layoffs
  • Labor board claims
  • Claim prevention

We feel that there is no greater area of law where prevention is the most prudent strategy. Prompt intervention and advice tends to avoid significant liability issues and litigation expense.

Corporate Law

Many clients have corporate matters handled by large firms. For other clients, particularly private clients, we provide advice on the governance and operation of California corporations:

  • Amending articles
  • Amending bylaws
  • Recording minutes
  • Holding annual and special shareholder meetings or consents
  • Holding annual or special board meetings or consents
  • Compliance with fiduciary duties such as minority shareholders issues and creditors claims and documenting transactions.

We do not provide advice on finance, revenue recognition, securities matters, or tax issues.